Text Box: Fees Associated with the Program
Effective January 2006, the fee for your garbage cart is $276 per year, and your recycling bin is provided free of charge. Additional garbage carts are charged at a rate of 30% ($82.80) of your annual cart fee, and additional recycling bins are charged at 15% ($41.40) of your annual cart fee.
Should your cart become lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, you will incur a $69 fee.
Text Box: Trash Pick-up ĖDo you know the rules? 
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Collection times start earlier, at 6 AM , and last until 6 PM. Combining collection service over fewer days will reduce the days that trucks will be on each street, lessening their impact on traffic and safety, and will also increase efficiency in the collection system, keeping costs low.

You can reach The Augusta Solid Waste Department at:

Online: www.augustasolidwaste.com
Or email:
Or the Customer Service Hotline:
(706) 592-3200

Garbage Carts and Recycling Bins

Starting in the summer of 2006, new garbage carts will be distributed. The new garbage carts will allow for more efficient documentation of collection times and completions, as well as tracking of cart assignment and location.

Augusta- Richmond County strongly encourages recycling! New larger recycling bins will be available beginning summer 2006 upon request.

Hazardous & Unaccepted Materials

Augusta-Richmond County does not accept all materials. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: oil, car batteries, liquid paint, refrigerants, soil contaminated by petroleum or other chemicals and hazardous materials. Most auto supply stores or repair facilities will take used oil and car batteries. Call your local auto supply store or repair facility to verify if they will accept these items.

Environmental Alternatives (706-737-8433) is a local disposal contractor. They accept many hazardous materials, including oil, Freon, oil-based paint, solvents, PVC, and aerosol cans for a fee. Call for a comprehensive list of items and applicable fees. Check the yellow pages for other disposal contractors specific to your needs.

Drop-Off Convenience at the Landfill: Customers who want to drop off materials between pick-up days are encouraged to use the landfill: 4330 Deans Bridge Road, Blythe, GA30805. Charges may apply.

Text Box: Holiday and Special Event Collection Schedules
Augusta-Richmond County observes the following holidays:

New Yearís Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July

Labor Day

Under the new operating schedule, if a customerís collections day falls on a holiday, services will resume the next day. Friday collections will be picked up on Saturday. Customers will always receive collection service twice a week, even during holiday weeks!

Remember, holidays donít offset both collection days, only the collection day that falls on any of the above-mentioned holidays. Your collection resumes the next regularly scheduled collection day.

For example, if July 4th falls on a Monday, and your collection days are Monday and Thursday, your garbage and yard waste will be picked up on Tuesday. Your regular service will resume on Thursday.

If Christmas falls on a Friday, and your collection days are Tuesday and Friday, your garbage, recycling and bulk waste will be picked up on Saturday. Your regular service will resume on the following Tuesday.

Summer and winter neighborhood clean-ups and other special event schedules may be observed and announced to customers as these events approach.


Household Waste Ė 1 st & 2nd Collection Days


Household waste is most commonly referred to as garbage. It includes all non-recyclable discarded waste, food, paper, glass, plastic, leather, textiles and anything else discarded during normal, daily household activities. 

Doís† & Doníts for Household Waste

DO Put all items in your cart
DO Put at the curb/right-of-way in front of your home
DO Contact the County if you have special needs and require assistance with your garbage pick-up

DONíT Mix in yard waste or recyclables
DONíT Use an unauthorized container
DONíT Throw away hazardous materials, such as medical waste, exposed needles, paint cans, liquid paint, motor oil or car batteries
DONíT Put trash out for collection in bags next to your cart
DONíT Put hot ashes or burnt garbage in your garbage cart.


Customers who place garbage, yard waste, recycling or bulk waste out for collection without following the specified guidelines will receive a Customer Violation Notice explaining the problem. Customers must address the violation by the next collection day or a code enforcement officer will summon a marshal, who may issue a citation. If you have any questions or need help understanding these guidelines, please contact us at (706) 592-3200. We are here to help!

Text Box: Yard Waste
Yard waste includes plant material such as leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, flowers, roots, wood waste and other material commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens. This includes sod and other biodegradable matter. This does not include soil, any garbage, food, plastic, synthetic fibers, lumber, human or animal waste. Yard waste should be placed at the curb in large brown paper bags, also known as Kraft bags, in open top cans, or bundles that are clearly marked and identifiable.

Doís & Doníts for Yard Waste


DO Put in open top cans or brown paper Kraft bags, or bundles that are clearly marked and identifiable
DO Include plant material, leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, flowers, roots, wood, sod and other biodegradable matter common to yard work
DO Put yard waste in containers. Prunings, limbs, and bigger items may be placed in bundles or neat piles.


DONíT Put yard waste in plastic bags
DONíT Allow bag or can to exceed 32 gallons or 50 lbs.
DONíT Put the following items in with yard waste: loose soil, garbage, food, plastics, synthetic fibers, lumber, human/animal waste, hazardous materials
DONíT Put yard waste out on same day as recycling or bulk waste
DONíT Let bundles or piles exceed one or more of the following maximum size limits: 5 foot length, 5 foot height, 5 foot width, 10 foot depth
DONíT Dispose of limbs greater than 5 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter

Augusta Richmond County Solid Waste Department

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Text Box: Bulk Waste
Bulk waste refers to furniture, appliances, tires and other items too large to be reasonably placed into your garbage cart. This does not include garbage, yard waste, hazardous substances or other ineligible materials. When disposing of items such as refrigerators and washing machines, be sure to remove the door or lid for child safety purposes. Please observe the size restrictions.

Doís & Doníts for Bulk Waste

DO Include furniture, appliances, tires and other items too large to be placed into a cart
DO Put out on same day as recycling
DO Remove doors or lids before placing outside for pick-up

DONíT Put more than 2 tires out per bulk collection pick-up
DONíT Let bundles or piles exceed one or more of the following maximum size limits: 5 foot length, 5 foot height, 5 foot width, 10 foot depth


Augusta Richmond County Solid Waste Department

The information here has been duplicated from Here.


Garbage & Yard Waste


Garbage,† Recycling and Bulk Waste